Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mel Gibson & the "N" Word

So there you go...

Aussie hypocrite, fading actor and failed Christian zealot Mel Gibson was busted today in the media when a recording of him vomiting forth a racist, hateful, obscene and violent verbal assault on his baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva was released to the media.

Sure we all blurt out some fairly unpleasant sentiments in the heat of a spicy battle with our significant other. I, myself, have been known to go to the dark side and compare my spouse to her mother -- which is about as low as you can go in the insult department as far as I am concerned and it's guaranteed to escalate any already heated argument into an out-an-out blood bath.

But here's the thing. I never yell racist slurs. I don't care how drunk or mad I am. NO chance. No way. No how. Guess why? I'm not a racist. See how that works?

Mel has been scampering all over Hollywood for years selling himself as this affable, handsome, charming Aussie film star who loves himself some JESUS! That's right. Mel loves the Lord so much - he had to build himself his own church. Not just any old church mind you - but a real fancy one in Malibu. A real fancy, church in Malibu that thinks the Vatican is too damn liberal with their views on women and saying mass in English. Mel prefers his church in LATIN and his women pregnant and obedient (and stacked... yeah... that too).

Why in Latin? The actor has been very vocal about his "traditionalist" views, adhering to the Roman Catholic faith as it was understood before the "modernization" by the Second Vatican Council of 1962-1965. ''I go to an all-pre-Vatican II Latin mass," he told USA Today in 2001. "There was a lot of talk, particularly in the '60s, of 'Wow, we've got to change with the times.' But the Creator instituted something very specific, and we can't just go change it.''

So in 2003 the actor decided to help change things back to the way they were, building a chapel in Malibu, Calif. – The Church of the Holy Family. Tucked away in the tree-covered mountains of Agoura Hills, 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the rustic church, unaffiliated with the Roman Catholic archdiocese, has a foot-tall crucifix on the altar and the priest keeps his back to the parishioners as he performs mass every morning entirely in Latin. In church, women must wear head coverings.

Among traditionalists, there is a more extreme group affiliated with the ultra-conservative stream of Catholicism known as Sedevacantism, meaning, "the seat [of the papacy] is empty." They believe there has been no legitimate pope since 1958. Gibson hasn't said he shares that belief, though his father, Hutton Gibson, is a well known anti-Vatican II activist and author of the book Is the Pope Catholic? Mel also occasionally calls law officers "sugar tits" and blames all the wars in the world on Jews. So as you can see -- he's really a go-to guy for excellent points of view and searing truth.

So Mel is bigger than the Pope! Mel calls himself "Catholic" but doesn't recognize the Pope. Hey Mel! The Pope is the guy in white sitting in the Popemobile if you are having trouble "recognizing" him. But Mel Gibson doesn't need no stinking Vatican! He's got his own church now where parishioners get to look at the priest's ass through mass because they aren't worthy and women need to cover their hairdos lest Jesus think they were having a bad hair day.

So what's the point here? Well, first of all racists can't be Christians. It's against the rules. It's like being a vegan who loves a good pork chop.

Second of all, while I'm all about mocking Mel Gibson for his self-indulgent, faux faith and general buffoonery -- what I'm wondering is why NOBODY IS SHOCKED THAT HE IS VERBALLY ABUSING AND THREATENING THIS WOMAN WHILE HIS INFANT CHILD CRIES IN THE BACKGROUND.

So we are appalled that he uses racist epithets, but the domestic abuse doesn't seem to ruffle many feathers. Because I'm not really down with hitting women or using your power and position to degrade someone privately so you can link arms with them and sashay down a red carpet publicly the next.

So for the record, I think the "N" word describes to Mel Gibson perfectly and that "N" word is NUTJOB. And while he may love himself some Latin, there aren't enough "mea culpas" in Malibu to make me forgive him for being a racist, violent, asshat.

In Vino Veritas, Mel-baby.

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